Alex has been playing the Pioneer format since its inception and his love for the format has only grown since. After pulling two copies of Nicol Bolas, God-Pharaoh at his second prerelease in 2017, Grixis Control has been his deck of choice in every format. It’s rare for Alex not to include at least one Bolas in his decks, though he also doesn’t shy away from a good tribal deck. Alex has been part of the Pioneer Perspective since the first episode back in August 2020.

Alex’s Grixis Grabs

Alex from the Pioneer Perspective podcast, known for his penchant for Grixis Control decks, goes through some of the recent additions the deck has gotten. Full decklist inside!

Alex Brews Azorius Vehicles

People who follow me on Twitter or listen to the Pioneer Perspective Podcast will not be surprised to hear that I am a big fan of the vehicle-related cards in Neon Dynasty. Here, I will go over my first brew of this set: Azorius Vehicles. I will discuss what draws me to the archetype, what the strengths are, what the potential weaknesses are and what my initial take on the deck is.

Making the most of Neon Dynasty’s legendary land cycle

With the spoiler season of Kamigawa: Neon Dynasty still ongoing, we have finally seen all of the cards in the legendary land cycle through leaks and spoilers. It is clear that this new cycle is very powerful and will feature in a ton of decks. The opportunity cost of these lands is incredibly low, but not zero. This means that lots of decks should play them, but not all of them.