With a love for Ancient Egypt as a child, Brad’s card game of choice was always Yu-Gi-Oh! until the release of Amonkhet sparked interest in Magic. Ever since then he hasn’t looked back. Pioneer naturally became his favorite format of choice seeing that his starting point with Magic was Amonkhet. Rakdos is his favorite color combination but Kethis Combo will always have that special place in his heart as his favorite deck.

Bans for Business

Bradcifer looks to decipher WOTC's ban philosophy - both recently and not-so-recently - and comes to an uncomfortable realization.

The Case For Unbanning Kethis

Bradcifer and Tyrant of Tales make the case for Kethis, the Hidden Hand to return from exile and rejoin a Pioneer meta that is largely prepared to deal with creature-based combo decks.

The State of: Four-Color Ascendancy Combo

Ascendancy Combo is a deck that has existed in some form or another in Pioneer throughout the existence of the format. Built around the namesake card, Jeskai Ascendency, the deck is arguably one of the fastest, most consistent combo-win decks in Pioneer.

The Impact of the Completed Triome Cycle

The triome cycle has finally been completed thanks to Streets of New Capenna and Pioneer is about to have an incredible mana base available to decks in three or more colors that can afford to run tapped lands. Let's look at the possibilities!