Casual Jake is a music teacher and MTG content creator who caters to the FNM crew. Known for his love of off-meta brews and budget decks he focuses on making the game of Magic accessible for all players. While he primarily plays Pioneer, Casual Jake is an avid Commander player who also explores Pauper and Modern from time to time. In his own words, “I never said I was good, but at least I’m entertaining.”

FNM Report: Izzet Prowess

After the Pioneer bannings on June 6th, 2022 (Winota and Expressive Iteration), many wondered how Izzet decks would fare in the meta. CasualJake brings Izzet Prowess to an FNM and goes over the changes.

From FNM Hero to MTGO League Zero: How To Improve

I have been taking my Pioneer decks to my local FNM ever since in-person play returned and have steadily secured myself as “that guy who usually goes 3-1”, and I am just fine with that! So how can I test and create content using a variety of decks without breaking the bank and buying new cards each week? The answer is MTGO.