Having started playing Magic shortly before the release of Return to Ravnica, Ruckman’s Magic lifespan covers the breadth of the Pioneer format. Despite not being a stranger to the Top 8 tables of the old IQ and PTQ systems, most of his competitive experience comes from the other side of the event space, where he served more than five years as a level-two judge, only hanging up the black shirt for good at the beginning of 2022. Currently, you can find him making Pioneer content for Crew3 on your favorite podcasting platform or on Twitch/YouTube.

A Farewell to Kamigawa

Streets of New Capenna has come to Pioneer, which means now is a perfect time to discuss the cards from Kamigawa that had the biggest impact on my personal game. However unlike my Innistrad retrospective, not all of these will…

Archetype Log Jam: Spirits Edition

So, you’ve decided to play spirits, but after gathering up all the candles in the house, dusting off the ouija board and arranging your sleeves into a pentagram, you still aren't sure which version of the deck to play. Have no fear, Ruckman is here!

A Farewell to Innistrad

With the official release of Kamigawa Neon Dynasty, I thought I would be fun to look back at our recent to return to Innistrad and discuss the cards from Midnight Hunt and Crimson Vow that made an impact in how I play the pioneer format.