Darthjacen has been playing Magic since Dark Ascension and plays Standard, Modern, Pioneer, and Limited. With a Grand Prix win in 2015 and an SCG Team Top 4 in 2019, he continues to pursue competitive Magic at every turn.

Bant Spirits Deck Guide

Join Darthjacen as he breaks down the best tempo deck in Pioneer: Bant Spirits. Can this tempo deck take down the likes of Rakdos Midrange and Karn Devotion or will it simply ghost the metagame and fall back into the middle tiers?

Pioneer Meta Guide: September 28

DarthJacen breaks down some of the meta shifts that took place this week - notably, the inclusion of an S+ Tier, which we have never used before, for Rakdos Midrange

Abzan Greasefang Deck Guide

DarthJacen breaks down two versions of Abzan Greasefang, which has somewhat recently overtaken all other variants of the archetype to represent the strongest home for Parhelion II in Pioneer.

Izzet Phoenix Deck Guide

DarthJacen breaks down the most recent iterations of Pioneer Izzet Phoenix and provides a sideboard guide for the most prominent matchups in the current meta.

DarthJacen’s Declassified Tournament Survival Guide Part Two

You’ve done all your preparations for the event – you have the best deck in the room, you know your matchups, you know how to sideboard, you know how to get to the venue and you know what time the event starts; you’ve pre-registered and verified that your decklist was properly submitted. DarthJacen takes us through the rest.

DarthJacen’s Declassified Tournament Survival Guide

With the return of in paper events like SCG Cons, NRGs, and soon to be smaller PPTQ style events leading into Regional Qualifiers for the Pro Tour, now seems like a great time to go over some of the tips of the trade in how best to survive those challenging tournament days.

UW Control Tournament Report: Super PTQ Edition

On Tuesday, over two hundred and eighty players entered the Pioneer Super Qualifier on Magic Online, wherein the top two finishers earned invites to the upcoming Streets of New Capenna set Championship. Here, DarthJacen shares his deck choice and experience playing in the event.