rose-emoji started playing Magic: The Gathering during Battle for Zendikar, then took a break from the game until Throne of Eldraine. Pioneer got him back into Magic full-force, and the launch of Arena on mobile hooked him in forever. Now that his favorite format is working its way onto Arena, he can be found grinding the format to death. Only ever Grixis colors, but sometimes he can have a little Jund as a treat.

League 5-0 Deck Highlight: Mardu Artifact Sacrifice

Another week back in Kamigawa, another artifact deck to highlight. I promise the next 5-0 deck highlight won't be completely artifact-centric, but I had to talk about this deck (and not just because my Showcase Savai Triomes are burning a hole in my binder). On Neon Dynasty release weekend, umeboshijiisan 5-0d with a Mardu Anvil deck, which was really just Rakdos Anvil with a playset of Portable Holes in it, largely to deal with Ensoul, Jund Food, Rakdos Anvil mirrors and Auras. This week, A_Adeptoterra showed us a true Mardu Anvil deck.

League 5-0 Deck Highlight: Boros Artifact Burn

This week's league had some great brews in the 5-0 list, but I chose to highlight this artifact burn deck over the others because I think people who really enjoyed the playstyle of Boros Burn will really appreciate the return of this archetype and the enabling of Shrapnel Blast - one of the fastest, most efficient ways of counting to 20 life in the format.

League 5-0 Deck Highlight: Song of Creation Combo

The first MTGO league since Neon Dynasty cards have been available had a good showing for the set. This Song of Creation deck is one of the many artifact decks to come out of the release, but notably only has four slots filled by Neon Dynasty cards.


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