Darren "ServoToken"

ServoToken has been playing competitive magic since 2011, spending a majority of that time living in the shoes of a player on a strict budget. After investing a lot of time learning how to make the best of a bad situation, his goals today are to spread those lessons to the often-ignored population of Magic players who can’t afford to drop a car payment on a new deck every couple of months. His mantra is that “You don’t need to play mono-red to do well on a budget”. These days, you can typically find him deep in the archives of Scryfall searching for new cards to brew around or making tweaks to the Pioneer Budget deck spreadsheet on his unending mission to bring his favorite format to the people on the cheap.

An Elf’s Tale

ServoToken goes all-in this week discussing Elves in Pioneer and the different archetypes that are emerging with some new tools from Dominaria United.

A Letter from the Publisher (Sept.2022)

Hello! It is with great joy and humility that I find myself in the position to write to you all today. As you may have seen elsewhere already, there are some big changes happening within our sphere here, and i’m…

Magic but Cheaper: Humans

This week, Servotoken takes a dive into his favorite tribe as he breaks down some of the new tools the deck has picked up this year. Between Extraction Specialist, Brutal Cathar and Thalia, Humans has received a tremendous shot in the arm. Human tribal is alive and well in pioneer, let’s take a look at how to play it on a budget!

Magic, But Cheaper: Black Aggro

Join ServoToken as he breaks down one of Pioneers classic archetypes, Mono Black aggro. MBA has been a pillar of the format since the start, and can be made relatively cheaply while still being able to expand into a full and rich list that offers fun and compelling gameplay.

Welcome Week: The Modern Pioneer

Are you a Modern player who's just picked up an interest in Pioneer? ServoToken takes you through some cards and strategies that you may be familiar with as you start off on this new and exciting journey.

Magic, But Cheaper: Jeskai Transmogrify

Jeskai Transmogrify is a value-based midrange deck that looks to keep the board relatively clear while setting up, then outclass opposing threats by using its namesake to turn an innocuous token into a tremendous creature that swings the game wildly in our favor. ServoToken presents a budget version of the deck here.

SCG-CON Indy 2022 Pioneer Recap

This past weekend marked the unofficial return to large scale in-person Magic events, capped off with the main event; a Team Trios 25k tournament featuring Legacy, Modern, and to many of our collective surprise, our favorite format: Pioneer.

A Pre-Indy Meta Breakdown

A week before a large event with significant support for Pioneer seems like a great time to break down the meta and try to answer the question of "what deck do I bring?" - or, at least, give an idea of what decks are likely to be on the other side of the table.

Choosing Your Colors in Pioneer

In the first of this multi-part series, I’ll be taking you on your first steps into the best way to play Pioneer. Let’s begin by discussing the color wheel, and what you can expect from each individual color in this format.