Tyrant has been playing Magic in events since his first prerelease in Ixalan. Most of the time, he can be found in the various Pioneer Discord channels talking about anything Pioneer, from various meta decks to whatever new combo deck he has brewed up. When not playing Magic, he is getting cards in his collection signed by their artists or producing the occasional video for his YouTube channel.

Neoform Takes Its Turn(s) in Pioneer

Neoform, the same card that created the infamous NeoBrand deck in Modern, seems to have finally enabled the same glass cannon-style combo deck in Pioneer. Neo-Machus is brand new to the scene, finishing with multiple League 5-0s and a Top 16 finish in Saturday’s Challenge.

The Case For Unbanning Kethis

Bradcifer and Tyrant of Tales make the case for Kethis, the Hidden Hand to return from exile and rejoin a Pioneer meta that is largely prepared to deal with creature-based combo decks.

A Pre-Indy Meta Breakdown

A week before a large event with significant support for Pioneer seems like a great time to break down the meta and try to answer the question of "what deck do I bring?" - or, at least, give an idea of what decks are likely to be on the other side of the table.